Scroobius Pip (+Grimes) – No Nimbus

Scroobius Pip слуша Grimes. Най-авторитетният (за мен) UK рап изпълнител е хванал едно от най-яките парчета на Grimes – Oblivion и небрежно е записал текст върху него. Ето какво казва по въпроса (когато цитирам, обикновено превеждам, но Scroobius Pip трябва да се чете в оригинал, дори когато просто обяснява нещо):

Right so I was driving along the other day (Wednesday) listening to the Grimes album and I started thinking of a vocal so I went home and wrote it. The next day I recorded it and then, on the Sunday, I shot this video with Tom Brown.

I don’t own the beat or track in anyway so it may or may not stay up here very long. But it was fun to make and a nice little illustration of how much you can get done if you just decide to do it.

If Grimes wanted to sell this track or anything like that I would happily give her 100% of it. Enjoy (possibly while you can)!

My vocal was recorded by Worgie. After we had a lovely bit of salmon.
The video was directed by me and shot/edited/made ace by https://www.tomisokreally.com/
I dont know why my big gormless mouth is open throughout most of the vid. Sorry about that.